April 16, 2014

7 Reasons Why you should Photograph your Pregnancy

As a professional portrait photographer specializing in newborns I have the privilege of working with many mamas. I can't tell you how many times I hear mamas share their regret with me for not taking the time for maternity photography. They tend to not feel beautiful at the time, but then as time passes they wish they would've had the confidence to have captured their pregnancy.

Sometimes, when we are in the moment it doesn't feel important enough to put on the priority list. However, as time goes by and we look back we find that those images become even more important. The mamas that take the time to cherish their pregnancy with beautiful maternity images are even more in love with those images, but the mamas that didn't have such regret.

Due to my passion of wanting life moments captured so they can be heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation, I wanted to take the time to share with you why you should take the time for a maternity portrait session.

1. You are GLOWING!
Now come on, don't let that little devil on your shoulder tell you otherwise. I understand you may be sore, tired, and don't quite feel yourself. However, we see you as a beautiful glowing mama.

Pregnancy is amazing and beautiful! Pregnancy only happens a few times in your life. You may not feel as if you are glowing with beauty, but as your professional photographer I can help you to feel the beauty, love, and femininity of pregnancy. Who knows, you might start to feel gorgeous!

Outdoor Wyoming Maternity Session

2. Show off that Belly!
You may be like many women and have always felt a bit sheepish regarding your belly, even before you were pregnant, but now you can show it off! This will help to boost your confidence as many women become less self conscious about their weight during pregnancy.

3. Memories!
Once this time has passed you will have missed the opportunity of capturing these authentic, timeless, emotional connections during this expecting time. There's no going back. It will be gone and the regrets will set in. I don't know any mama who has regretted getting a maternity portrait, but I know plenty who regret not doing it.

Photography helps us to remember memories and feelings. Perhaps you think you won't care about remembering this time, but I can assure you that your children will be thrilled to see images of you while they were growing inside of you.

Elegant Studio Maternity Portraits

4. Fun and Creative!
Mamas tell me how much they enjoyed their maternity portrait session. Even the daddy's will get into it! It's important to do a bit of research to give you some ideas. Think of the style you want: elegant, intimate, authentic, timeless, fun, in studio or outside. How much skin are you willing to show or do you want to keep it all covered?

5. Daddy Bond!
Dad's can have a harder time bonding with baby since the baby is growing, moving, and hiccuping inside of you and not him. Perhaps by getting daddy involved with a maternity session it gives him a chance to bond with baby and create special memories of his own.

Glowing expecting mama

6. Sibling Bond!
Older children in the family may be feeling unsure about the changes taking place in the family. We can help ease those worries by getting children involved in the maternity session. Photographs of them kissing or hugging your belly can help create a loving bond with their sibling. It also makes them feel special and important and they'll have those timeless images to remember, 'I was there when you were in mommy's belly'.

7. Professional Photographer!
As a professional photographer I can create a timeless, authentic, iconic work of art for you so that you can treasure the emotional connections of pregnancy.

April 12, 2014

Jude and Malachi, Twin Boys 4-month Baby Plan Session

Jude and Malachi are baby boy twins and they came in for their 4-month baby plan creative portrait session. I first met Jude and Malachi back in December shortly before Christmas for their newborn photography session.

I absolutely love photographing babies, so two is double the fun and I feel blessed that their mommy and daddy have chosen me to photograph their babies'  milestones as they grow. Their adorable expressions, beautiful blue eyes, and chunky baby thighs! Aww...you just gotta love it!

4-month old Baby Boy Twins Portrait Session

The only thing for me is I have trouble figuring out who is Jude and who is Malachi. These twin boys really look so much alike! I keep telling myself I will eventually figure it out.

We started out the session with these cute cloth diapers that their parents brought with them. Cloth diapers are not near the pain that used to be with pins and layers. These all-in-one diapers are convenient and easy to change and clean.

Big opened mouth smile for the camera from one of the twin boys!

When it comes to  twins we want to always take some photographs with both of them together and of course some of each of them. Someday when the babies are older and they go to look back at these images we want them to know that they were loved not just as a pair of twins, but individuals as well. We ended the session with the parents and the parents had no problem loving on their babies!

Studio photography session

Wyoming Baby plan session

This is just the beginning of the fun creative sessions we'll have with these beautiful baby boys! Next time we see these twin boys in the studio they'll be about 8 months old and sitting!

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April 10, 2014

Tara and Steve, Expecting a Boy

Tara and Steve are expecting a baby boy this June! On a beautiful spring day in Wyoming we went out to capture the big event for this couple that is about to be first time parents. They are keeping baby boy's name a surprise for friends and family for when he arrives. So no mention of a name at this point.

Tara has such good taste as she came dressed in a classic black sweater dress and scarf and then later changed into a beautiful sweater and jeans. She was so fit that if I didn't photograph her from the right angle you couldn't even tell she was pregnant.

We set out for a little fun with baby shoes and balloons and also did some great authentic, timeless images which I will show here. Since we are in Wyoming, spring here still pretty much looks like winter; however with the fall leaves still on the ground in certain Gillette areas the images almost look like we are in the season fall. Wyoming! However, the images are gorgeous and we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day.

An outdoor Wyoming maternity session

Steve wasn't so sure about jumping in front of the camera, but I reminded him that it's not just about the mama, but about the daddy too! To ALL daddy's out there, don't do it for you, do it for your NEWBORN and of course your wife will love you for it too!

Outside in Gillette's Mcmanamen Park capturing the anticipation of a baby boy

Expecting a baby boy

McManamen Park maternity portrait sesison

Steve did warm up and towards the end when I backed away to give them some space and told them to pretend I wasn't there. He smiled a big smile and wrapped his arms around Tara and nuzzled up to her. He has an amazing love for the mother of his child.

Expecting a June Newborn

Tara and Steve were so great to work with and the love they have for each other and the excitement they have for this baby makes them absolutely glow! It makes my heart soar to capture a couples emotions and connections with each other and their growing anticipation for their newborn.

Thank you Tara and Steve for being so WONDERFUL!

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April 9, 2014

Cienna's 6-month Baby Portrait Session

Meet baby Cienna, a beautiful 6-month old girl. We photographed her in my home based studio against the creamy background and flokati rug that is just so dreamy. We started out with mom and dad to get some great family shots, some traditional, some more natural with kisses and loves for baby Cienna.

This was Cienna's first creative portrait session so we kept the focus on Cienna, the couple's first baby. She did well with sitting and I just love to photograph babies once they are sitting. When it comes to infants; after newborns, babies that are sitting are my favorite to photograph. Babies typically start to sit between 6-8 months old.

6-month baby portrait session in studio

Cienna was a perfect model as she never cried and never fussed. She modeled for the camera through the entire session and was just as perfect as can be.

We changed her several times to get several different looks. I carry several diaper covers, lacey petties, a few tutus, hats, and headbands to make baby sessions easy for mom and dad. However, this mama had some really cute headbands from the Carter's store that she had received as a gift and they were just perfect for her portrait session. Babies don't need much as I love to show off that baby skin.

Baby Cienna's smile for the camera

In studio baby plan session

Through the first year showing off baby skin is definitely part of the photography experience for a baby. And why not? Babies are so sweet and innocent and scrumptious! Ok, I realize they are not a delicacy to savor, but seriously who can resist not loving on the most precious gift God has given us - CHILDREN!

A baby girl in lace and pearls for her in studio creative session.
Gotta love a girl in lace and pearls!

A girl in pearls for her studio pictures

As I mentioned above this was Cienna's first portrait session. Cienna's mama mentioned to me how much she regretted not getting newborn photographs with Cienna. Oh, that just breaks my heart and I know there are many of you out there as well that are expecting and maybe haven't thought about setting up your newborn session, but take it from us moms - DO IT! The only regret you'll have is NOT doing it!

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April 7, 2014

Wyoming Newborn Harlan's Portrait Session

Meet baby Harlan, 8 days new!

A new mama and her precious baby.

A new proud daddy and his newborn son.

Fresh new baby, cuddled and wrapped for his portrait session.

Stylin' and Posin' a newborn boy.

Baby Boy Photography

Infant boy on his first photo shoot.

black and white newborn photography

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March 31, 2014

How to pick a photographer

"How to pick a photographer: Personality is important. There is no doubt about that. And you're going to want to go with a Photographer that makes you feel like a friend. You will spend more time with that person on your wedding day than you will your future spouse, so finding somebody you connect with is crucial. But that's not all that goes into it. Because once the day is over, it will be your relationship with your Photographs, not your Photographer, that will become the most important thing. Did these images capture the feelings and emotion of the day? Can you look at them and feel like you're right back in that moment? Are they authentic? Did they capture life as it happened. Are they enduring? Will they become iconic and nostalgic? Or will they just become the "heads in the brandy snifter" shots of our generation. You want images that you will fall in love with over and over again for the next 50 or 60 years. Images that your grandchildren will be proud to put in silver frames. The last thing you want is for someone to look at your pictures and say, "So I see you go married in 2011." You want something that leaves behind a legacy. A history. That documents the start of life together. Something that will stand the test of time. Just like the two of you."
~Mary Marantz

I couldn't of said it better!

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March 29, 2014

Ayana | Gillette, Wyoming Maternity Photographer

Ayana is at about 34 weeks pregnant, which means she doesn't have long to wait to meet her first baby girl. Ayana was full of nervous giggles at the beginning of the photo session, but I guided her through the session with some simple poses and she soon became comfortable in front of the camera. Her maternity session took place in the studio and we got several different looks from just a few simple clothing items that she brought.

Expecting a baby
What a Beautiful Expecting Mama


I love the simple and elegant black skirt and black top that Ayana chose for her session. We we're going to use a maternity wrap for Ayana's session, but I thought this outfit she brought was just perfect for the expecting mama!
Pondering Pregnancy
Pondering Pregnancy

filled with motherly bliss
I loved Ayana's smile and giggles
Ayana has such a beautiful pregnancy glow about her. 
maternity photo session
awaiting a baby girl
mommy and daddy waiting the arrival of a baby girl

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