March 30, 2015

Newborn Beckett, 5 days new!

Meet Newborn Beckett, 5 days new! We got so many beautiful set ups with this super sleepy baby boy!


March 25, 2015

How does a First Look impact your Wedding Day?

The first look is for the bride and groom. It is the first time they see each other on their special day all dressed up before becoming husband and wife. It is a time set aside before the ceremony, away from the crowd with just your photographer. This makes for a very special and romantic moment.

A first look is ultimately the decision of the bride and groom and their decision is respected. But they should be 100% educated on the topic.

The benefits to doing a First Look are countless and can dramatically impact the flow of your day, allowing you to optimize time together, for photos, and with your guests.

Scheduling – A first look allows a much more relaxed wedding day timeline, giving you the ability to take all of your formal wedding party and family photos pre-ceremony. Instead of corralling everyone during cocktail hour, you can instead spend that time alone soaking in the “just married” feeling, eating dinner, or mingling at cocktail hour.

Privacy & Nerves – Doing a first look is easily one of the quickest ways to settle pre-wedding jitters. Nothing soothes you like being able to wrap up in one anothers arms and take a deep breath together, to tell one another how good you each look, how excited you are, or to be able to laugh, hug, pray, or exchange gifts or letters in private.

More Time Together – A first look affords so much more time together on your wedding day. It really is crazy to think that often times you are spending the majority of your wedding day apart! Sometimes you’re waiting until 4, 5, or even 6 in the evening to finally spend together! And those few minutes at your ceremony are all business. A first look allows you to spend so much more time together, as well as with your wedding party and family.

More Time With Your Guests – Many of your guests have traveled long distances to celebrate with you at your wedding, and a first look (and in turn having all formal photos done pre-ceremony) gives you the ability to spend as much time as possible with them.

More Photos Together – Couples who have a first look typically have 50%, if not more, portraits in their final gallery than a couple who has an aisle reveal. We’re able to not only capture some of the most emotional images of the day, but we can also capitalize on that extra time together for more portraits of just the two of you.

Ideal For Winter Weddings – A first look is the perfect solution for weddings where daylight is limited and it’s most often dark even after a 4pm ceremony.

Being Present – Since you’ve gotten rid of the nerves, had your private moment, relaxed together and with your wedding party and family, you are so very present for your walk down the aisle. You’re making eye contact with not only your guests and family but with your groom. You are in the moment and more than anything, you’re EXCITED. As for the groom, not one single one has ever said he wished they hadn’t done a first look. It simply does not take the gravity of seeing your future wife walk toward you during your marriage ceremony…that is a moment that is uniquely it’s own.

March 18, 2015

The Organic Bloom Frames LookBook

Hello friends,

We invite you to take a break to peruse the pages of The Organic Bloom’s Issue No. 3 LookBook. We’re excited to show you fun ways to showcase your favorite moments!

Inside this latest LookBook, you’ll find inspiration for adding warmth and cheer to your home. You’ll gain motivation for displaying precious memories.

We hope to help you treasure the past while enjoying the present.

So grab a cup of hot tea, look through these beautiful photos and imagine how your family’s space can be even more peaceful. During the rush of our busy lives, what could be better?
Click here to see the Organic Bloom LookBook

Display your family portraits with the Organic Bloom Frames

March 13, 2015

Introducing my Newborn Assistant, Renee

When you come to my home photography studio for your newborn portrait session, you may see another smiley face there to help with your newborn portrait session. That wonderful smiley face is my assistant and good friend Renee. She is friendly, helpful, and is very good at assisting me. I enjoy working side-by-side with her as we pose newborns.  We welcome you to the studio for your creative baby session. To learn more about booking your wee ones portrait session you can visit my website at, fill out the contact form or simply call three07-six70-zero747. We look forward to hearing from you!

Now let's learn more about Renee!

Tell us about yourself?
  I am 23. I am a wife to Mason, and a mom to a daughter named Adilee and we are excited to be expecting a baby boy in July. 

Why did you decide to take the position as Jenny Lee’s assistant?
   I have had a love for photography since I was 16, I took it as an elective in high school and kept it as a hobby. When I was offered the position of assistant it was just my style. I get to help with all of the fun stuff and Jenny gets to do all the work ;) I personally enjoy Senior Portraits so working with newborns was something very different from anything I had done. I admire Jenny's work so having an opportunity to help create her vision was a dream job.

Describe what you do as Jenny Lee’s newborn assistant?
  I help with anything Jenny may need. Setting up backdrops, floor drops and props.
Getting posing tools into place, getting accessories, scarves and wraps. Helping to position the baby. Holding and soothing the baby. Making sure the parents and guests are comfortable. Cleaning up after each session. 
What do you enjoy most about assisting Jenny Lee with newborns.
  I truly enjoy working with Jenny, she has become not only my boss but my friend. I also enjoy snuggling all those cute babies! My favorite poses are the taco, the potato sack and the hanging shots. 

newborn in mommy and daddy's hands
What’s the most challenging thing about assisting Jenny Lee with newborns?
   The most difficult part about working with newborns for me, is a pose called "the froggy pose". Jenny has been extra patient with me as I struggle to assist her with that particular pose. Other than that working with newborns doesn't feel like work at all! 
What do you love to do for fun? 
   I love music!  I play the piano and like to sing... not for other people to listen to, but for myself and family. I love to read; I particularly enjoy classic romantic novels. I also love to go antiquing! 

March 10, 2015

Guest Blog: Caiti Jackson Photography

Today it is my pleasure to introduce to you an amazing senior and boudoir photographer, Caiti Jackson with Caiti Jackson Photography. From my personal experience with Caiti Jackson Photography, I can tell you that she helps you feel comfortable, laugh, and even enjoy being photographed! The images she creates are gorgeous and will make you feel like a rock star! I highly encourage and recommend those that are looking for a stunning professional senior or boudoir photographer to contact Caiti Jackson Photography.
So with no further adieu, I give you Caiti Jackson. Enjoy her beautiful artwork.

Ive spent a couple years trying to find my niche in the photography world. Ive photographed everything from pets to corporate headshots, families to surprise proposals. I have a love for every story, but the ones I cherish the most are the ones of the beautiful young women Ive had the chance to get to know.

I love photographing senior girls SO MUCH. I love how free spirited they are. I love that they show up to their sessions with crazy outfits, adventurous ideas, and optimistic attitudes. I love that I can dare them to get a little dangerous with their photos, whether we are jumping barbed wire fences, running out of traffic for that perfect shot, or balancing on rickety old farm equipment. I have a soft heart for these girls because I know how important this time in their life is.

Im always pushing the envelope with the traditional style senior photos. Why do you have to stay in a studio? Why not tromp through tall grass in your flip-flops? Why not roll in the mud for your senior photos? Seniors want something different and that is exactly what I offer.


I dont just photograph senior portraits. I get to know my seniors so I can show off their beautiful personalities in their images. I go shopping with them, I rummage through their closets to perfect outfits, and I help them write out their dreams on paper so I can tell their story on camera.

Senior pictures isnt just a session with me, its an experience. I want my senior girls to walk away from their session feeling brave, beautiful, and empowered. I want them to look back at their pictures ten years from now and be able to say, I remember being 17. I was beautiful and strong and had the world in my hands.

Im only taking a limited amount of seniors this year from the months of June, July, and August. The sooner you book your session; the better chances youll have of scheduling the date of your choice.

For more information, please visit and check the senior photo info tab for everything you need to know to book a senior session.

March 4, 2015

Newborn Boy Kru Kenton

Meet Kru, 11 days new

February 2, 2015

Meet Newborn Corbin, 11 days new!

Corbin Lee was in the studio at just 11 days new and was just as precious as could be. We enjoyed putting him in many poses. Thank you Alexis and Garrett for sharing him with me.

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