October 7, 2015

The relationship between you and a photographer

As you go through the process of custom photography, you spend a great deal of time with your photographer and their staff. As you come back for additional sessions, it is wonderful for the photographer to see how the children are growing and everyone is changing! You might even look back at their sample in the studio and see your portrait from a few years ago. You are sharing a part of your life with your photographer, building a relationship. The result of that relationship is personalized, thoughtful portraits of your family, produced by a trusted family friend.

October 1, 2015

Custom Photography Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of going with a custom photographer is time. You are not rushed to make a decision to purchase. You are well educated through the process to learn about what the photographer offers and what you might need. Photographers often keep your portraits for a longer time than the chain stores, so you can reorder if you would need to. This does not guarantee that all photographers do this and that your photos will be available forever. With technology changing so rapidly, photographers really don't know how long they can keep your portraits. They have to invest in the software and storage space to keep your portraits so there may be a fee to reorder at a later date or they may require a minimum re-order amount.

What about all the time and investment that your photographer has placed on providing props, clothing, hats, materials, etc. for your portrait session. We spend thousands of dollars per year to keep our studio fully stocked and updated so that you don't have to worry about bringing anything for a newborn or baby plan session. This is HUGE for you as you can come and not need to worry about what your little one will wear or what props to include. 

Another great perk is seeing your family portrait around town or receiving it in the mail. Most custom photographers will ask you to sign a model release. This is to let them use your images as marketing for their studio. You might see your portrait on a billboard, emails, postcards, in business displays or at local events! Imagine your children's faces when they see their photo on a billboard or display! A lot of times, the photographer may gift you the studio sample once the photographer is finished with it!

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September 29, 2015

Valerie and Josh are Expecting a Fall Baby!

Valerie and Josh are so excited about their first baby to arrive in November and it completely shows as they shine in front of the camera. Mama Valerie absolutely glowing with joy for this little one growing inside her. Their love for each other and their baby made for a natural, flowing creative portrait session. I'm so glad that I get to be their and their baby's photographer!

September 28, 2015

Pregnancy Documentation

Are you expecting? Have you thought about ways to document your pregnancy? This is such a great time of expectation, joy, overwhelming feelings, and it is absolutely a time to remember. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on documenting your pregnancy.

1) Ultrasound Pics
Of course, this is a pretty typical keepsake, but it is so amazing to see baby for the first time up on that black and white screen and really baby's first picture! It's definitely something to treasure. It can also be hung up for you to look at on a daily basis and think of the little babe growing inside you.

2) Keep a Diary
Start putting it all into writing! Find yourself a special diary or notebook and pour out your feelings and your thoughts. Also, think about writing to your little one. Let them know how excited you are for their arrival. Want to make it public? Create a blog to share with family and friends.

3) Bump Photos
These can be done by taking selfies each week in the same place to show the growth of your bump!

4) Professional Maternity Images
We recommend booking early in your second trimester to ensure availability for you and your baby! Maternity sessions are creative and fun. You can decide to include your hubby, your kids, or just make it a special session for you to remember.

5) Belly Casting
Belly casting has became quite popular and is a way to create a replica of your pregnant belly.

6) Make a Video
It doesn't have to be fancy, you could even use your phone. It's a nice way to record your voice and daddy's voice and will be a memorable keepsake for baby as they get older.

September 25, 2015

Josephine, 6 days new

Josephine was an absolute angel for her newborn session. Love mama's preferred color palette of mostly neutrals with a touch of pink. Josie, you are just so sweet and perfect! Awe, and those lips - the most perfect little baby girl lips!

September 24, 2015

Expecting in 2016?

September 23, 2015

What can I do with my portrait?

Photographs are an art form, the creation of which involves vision, skill, artistry, and effort. As such, photographs (both digital and printed) are protected by United States Copyright law. Unauthorized copying, printing, or duplication of photographs is in violation of the law and affects a photographers livelihood, reputation and ability to continue to produce high quality artwork.

Copyright of all images by your photographer remains with your photographer and they may not be reproduced in any form without their express written permission. This includes printing them from home printers or from photo labs, photocopying, scanning, or otherwise copying digital or printed photographs, emailing or including digital photographs within other digital files and otherwise sharing and distributing digital or printed images in any unauthorized manner.

Yep. That is the legal mumbo jumbo! This is your photographer's artwork and every reproduction of it affects the photographer. How, you ask? When you scan or take a photo of the artwork, the quality degrades. Then when you print it from the scan, it degrades again. So we know you want to show if off and share your portraits, but we can't have you sharing the degraded copies of our work. If you choose to purchase digital files, you will receive a limited release with reproduction rights. This means that you can print the file as many times as you want up to whatever size is stated on the release. You can not sell or profit from the files. The photographer still owns the copyright to the image, they are just granting you the right to print it.

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