July 22, 2014

Harlan's 4-month baby plan portrait session

Harlan and his mommy and daddy we're a delight to photograph! Julie did such a great job matching their outfits and we were blessed with a beautiful morning. I love the connections and playfulness between mommy, daddy, and Harlan. This family is simply precious!

July 7, 2014

Baby Boy JulianPasquale Benjamin

JulianPasquale Benjamin, a big name for this little guy! He was so flexible and we we're able to get him into many poses!

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

July 1, 2014

Newborn River, 8 days new

Meet River, 8 days new for her first professional photography session and looking ever so lovely in lavender! We incorporated River's nursery colors in her portrait session; which will make for a lovely wall portrait in the nursery! Thinking ahead about where and how you want to use your images is very helpful to both parties (photographer and client).

Rykor's newborn photography session

Meet Rykor, 10 days new! We loved working and photographing this big guy! The cheeks and chunk on this big guy was so squeezable and lovable!

June 30, 2014

Adilee's 8-month outdoor baby plan session

Adilee is now 8-months old and she just keeps getting cuter. It was a beautiful morning and everything was perfect for Adilee's outdoor portrait session. We did a mix of just Adilee and some of Adilee and her mama playing around. I love capturing connections between people. The connection between Adilee and her mama is simply precious!

June 12, 2014

Newborn Clay, 7 days

Meet Clay, 7 days new!

Wyoming Newborn Photography

Smile Baby

Baby Box Prop with Flokati

New mama with her new baby

June 11, 2014

Tips for better vacation photographs

What I learned over the years is that less is more. It’s more important to document a couple moments that capture the entirety of the moment rather than shooting tons of photos to merely show where you are. 

This leads me to point number one: Capture detailed photos that tell a story. This can be anything from how how you started your trip; for instance, at the airport, in the plane, or photos of where you’re staying. You ultimately want to use your photos to tell a story. So it’s best to start with a beginning, follow up with a middle, and end with well, an end. Think in advance of the type of photos you’ll need as it will make photo collecting fun as well as strategic. 

The underground in London, England
The Underground in London, England (where you are)

Another thing you’ll want to consider, is yes, capturing details are important, but I’m talking about capturing the tiniest of details. These tiny details have a way to really color your story as well as make it magical when you tell your friends and family  where you were and what you were doing. A few examples are photographing the country’s currency if your traveling internationally, new foods, or things in the environment such as unique flowers or animals to help color your vacation portfolio. 

The little things: cobblestone streets in Scotland
The cobblestone streets in Scotland (the little things)

When it comes to composition the key is to compose carefully. Avoid placing your subject or details dead center. Using the rule of thirds, place your subject to the right or to the left of the frame for diversity and esthetic and when it comes to shooting landscapes and sunsets decide which is more pictorially important: land, water, or sky. If land or water place the horizon in the top third of the picture. If sky, place the horizon in the bottom third of the picture. If possible avoid placing the horizon in the middle.  

The London Bridge (notice horizon is low in image)
The London Bridge (notice horizon is low in image)

If you use these three tips it will help color and diversify your vacation portfolio and you will find that you are not taking as many photos because you are being a lot more strategic in the photos you are taking as well as them being a little more esthetically pleasing. 

Before you leave make sure you have back up batteries for your camera as well as a charger. If your traveling internationally be sure to buy a power adaptor so your not stuck without any way to charge your gear. Lastly, be sure to pack enough memory. 

I hope you have a beautiful vacation and document photos you are proud of.

Celebrating our 11th Anniversary in London, England
London, England

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